We create Future-proof careers

We’re dedicated to making the world a better place for all stakeholders by teaching people the power of building and monetizing

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help each individual identify their unique career path, create a future-proof career plan, and share their systems leadership skills.

Our Vision and Values

To help people build rock-solid careers that keep them ‘Ahead of the Curve’ so that they can create stability, increase income, multiply opportunities, and live an optimized life of health, happiness and purpose-driven success.

Our Story – The Founders

Tracy and Michael Levine are Authentic Business Coaches

In the new disrupted job market, more people will be freelancers and will have family businesses.

Over the years, Tracy and Michael have earned millions in revenue, helped 100,000+ professionals, partnered with 4,000+ companies and have run a successful business for over 14 years.

Tracy and Michael Levine are the Co-Founders of Advantage Talent, Inc.  As a successful couple that has run their business based on their passion to educate, to support and to constantly uplevel others.  They have a history of empowering people to achieve their career dreams.  They are both recognized International Keynote Speakers, Corporate Trainers and Think Tank Facilitators.  Thousands of Professionals have participated in their think tank groups and Forums, including:  iii4.0 – Innovation Incubator, RETF – the Renaissance Executive Transition Forums, FEF – the Financial Executives Forums, and the CFO Roundtables.

Their newest mission is to help all stakeholders win in a disrupted job market.  They spent the last year interviewing 1,000s of Executive leaders on what their companies were doing to engage their workers and help all stakeholders win in the employer-employee relationship.  

Lack of engagement is a systems’ problem and requires selfless leaders with different filters and backgrounds to collaberate and find solutions.  Tracy and Michael spent the last year collaborating with Michelle Galvani, Jenny O’Donnell, and Chris Butsch to tackle this complex issue of disengagement.  The result of this collaboration is the book, WIN:  Future-Proofing Your Workforce in the Age of Disengagement.  This groundbreaking collaberation will be available January 2020.

Michael & Tracy Levine, Real People, Real Success

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