Keynote and Training Testimonials

Career Coaching Testimonials

Keynote and Training Testimonials

Visionary is the word that comes to mind when I think about Tracy Levine. I was fortunate to be introduced to Tracy by a colleague who had attended one of her speeches. Since our initial meeting, I have attended her Innovation Incubator Industry 4.0 (iii4.0) meetings and our firm has engaged her to do a presentation around leveraging AI to grow business for a select group of leaders we are hosting. I am impressed by her in-depth knowledge of emerging trends and technologies and her purpose-driven application to drive value for her clients and audiences. She is sought out by multi-generational leaders for her cutting edge insights on how to remain relevant in the rapidly changing workplace landscape.
Michelle GalvaniExecutive Managing Director, Wilmor Advisors
Recently I had the pleasure of seeing Tracy and Michael Levine speak about the changing landscape of employment and workforce trends. Their work was exceptionally well researched and included the most current tools and tech in the industry. The information they shared was incredibly valuable and revealed changes that are happening in the background right now that most people are completely un-aware are becoming S.O.P.
They covered everything from how and when to prepare children to be competitive in the future job market (and it’s sooner and much different than what most people think), how a working professional can stay relevant, the role of AI, personality profiles and the influence of a person’s social media footprint in the hiring and retention process. I honestly don’t think I’ve said “Wow” this much since my first visit to Hawaii. Tracy and Michael pulled back the curtain and revealed the real “Oz”. Things have changed and technology is the driving force in the decision-making process.
If you ever get a chance, make sure you see their keynote speech.
Cassandra QuallsVice President
When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tracy is definitely “ahead of the curve”. I had the pleasure of meeting Tracy at an event where she, along with her husband Michael, were the guest speakers. Since then, I have attended her Innovation Incubator Industry 4.0 (iii 4.0) events focusing on the world of AI and how it is impacting businesses, employees and candidates on every level. Tracy’s infinite knowledge and ability to take the most complicated material and put it in an understandable format keeps her audiences engaged and educated. Tracy is not only a forward thinker, but she keeps her finger on the pulse of the future.
Jenny O’DonnellExecutive Director, Wildmor Advisors
A big thank you to Tracy Levine and Advantage Talent, Inc. for an amazing manager workshop at the Sovereign in Buckhead yesterday!! Your presentation, materials, discussion and resources are sure to make a difference in our mission to “Deliver exceptional service and solutions that enhance the value of every property and the lifestyle of every resident in the communities we manage.”
Jacqueline Cress-MillsSenior Manager, CAM
Thank you Tracy & Michael Levine for a wonderful iii4.0 session. I enjoyed your insights, futuristic predictions and great intellectual discussions.
Wahid TawfikCEO
Tracy Levine great session and great year of meetings. Wide-ranging topics from 3D printing to last night’s “cancel” discussion. I’ll welcome the changes knowing what is “out” in 2020 versus what will be “in” (selfless leaders, “superjobs”, etc.). Thank you!
Marc KelleyManager, Advertising Partnerships
Tracy Levine, once again an incredible meeting. Like Larry, I’m concerned with the Cancel Culture that is going on around us – and the fact that most folks do not realize that their actions (especially on business network platforms) are considering their dialogue to be noise and are simply canceling them out. It will be interesting to see how the community reacts to the enforced premise of you gotta to give, give, give without the expectation of getting. Being a marketer, I know this will change how I interact on this platform.
Angela CulvertData Driven B2B Executive
Thank you for another insightful discussion!
Larry SwanOperations Executive
Tracy Levine Thank you for the invitations. to the most insightful group in Atlanta.
Robert NichollSAP Executive
I enjoyed participating in the discussion and thank you and Michael for facilitating it. This topic(Putting a Corporate Framework around protecting the DNA information employers have on every employee) is so relevant today and needed to lead us into the future. Organizations and executives are missing a golden opportunity by not engaging in this topic in their strategy and planning sessions for the future of their careers and their organization. The new workforce is going to require this discussion so let’s make it happen sooner than later
Calvin WrightHR Executive
I have known Michael for over a decade, initially attending his CFO Executive Forum series and now his Innovation Incubator Industry 4.0 (iii4.0) series. The one thing that stands out about Michael is that he is never standing still. As the world evolves with the use of artificial intelligence, block chain, or other technological advances, Michael evolves, passing his knowledge onto others so that they can also stay current. Having worked personally with Michael over the years and seeing first hand of the ongoing evolution, I am happy to recommend Michael as an executive coach and trusted adviser.
Jeff BakerEVP, Mergers & Acquisitions
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Great insights today

Tracy, I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you today at the data center event at the Aquarium. I thought you hit it out of the park with your important insights. There are quite a few technical people and companies in the industry who are enamored with their technology, products, features, etc. but miss the point of solving the C-Suite problems.

They need to focus less on the CIO / CTO and more on the CEO / CFO by understanding the real concerns and risks and create offerings to address them and likely swim in the blue ocean rather than the red ocean.


Trey D.

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Career Coaching Testimonials

We create Future-proof careers

Tracy’s career coaching and recruiting expertise have been instrumental in helping me update my personal brand, portfolio, social media presence and strategy. All of these have been key to achieve relevancy in today’s new employment landscape.
Her vast knowledge of people, business and technology makes her an expert in her field! She has been invaluable as a career coach and motivator. I highly recommend her services and guidance to anyone wanting to build, improve or advance their career.
Deana Farr Davis
Deana Farr DavisChief Financial Officer at Specialty Tile Products
Tracy proves time and again her total commitment in relentlessly serving executives in transition. Tracy’s knowledge of the global executive recruiting arena is as sharp as it gets, and her world class training shines through for the benefit of her clients.
Tracy is able to explain new placement trends affecting executives of all backgrounds and in doing so, brought me to a necessary level of awareness, in order to successfully take the correct approach in my career management.
It’s a privilege to work with Tracy.
Antoine Bardy
Antoine BardySenior Consultant at Siemens Management Consulting
Tracy is a preeminent Executive Coach, proclaiming the modern truth of hiring in Industry 4.0, and equipping Executives to succeed in this brave new world. She has helped me pivot and successfully navigate creating an upskilling plan to build upon my past strengths and successes. Tracy’s career coaching and recruiting expertise make her a highly effective Career Coach, as attested by her acceptance into the Forbes Coaches Council. Along with personal coaching, I have attended several of her visionary workshops. It has been a privilege to work with Tracy. I would highly recommend her as a personal Career Coach.
Robert Nicholl
Robert NichollSAP Executive
Tracy is exceptional in her ability to help professionals keep up with disruptive trends in the Industry 4.0 business environment. Her vast knowledge of the impact emerging technologies are having on industry makes her a valuable Career Coach. She has created a level of awareness that has allowed me to take proactive steps to improve my knowledge in my field.
Lauren Bernstein
Lauren BernsteinDesigner at Public School, a Creative Agency
Tracy helped me get my current position. She helped me write a resume that was user friendly to SEO, AI and humans. The new resume flipped the switch on my job search success. I continue to retain her as a Career Coach to help me be a more valuable employee and to guide me on how to take actionable steps to improve my Industry 4.0 skill knowledge.
Brian Goldman, PE
Brian Goldman, PEProject Engineer, Air Quality and Compliance Consultant
Tracy was instrumental in helping me transition my career and get a new job. Her expertise optimizing my LinkedIn profile and resume helped me gain recruiter recognition across many platforms. Tracy was also an excellent resource for online certifications to up-skill in key Industry 4.0 areas. She is a valuable Career Coach; I appreciate her ideas challenging me in pursuit of new opportunities. Because of her, I will continue to stay ahead of the curve in my current role and Industry 4.0 knowledge.
Marc Kelley
Marc KelleyManager, Advertising Partnerships
My initial conversation with Tracy was eye-opening to say the least. I was fortunate to connect with Tracy through a mutual friend who was working with her on a project. Tracy is incredibly knowledgable and passionate about the disruptive role technology is playing in the workplace and how to stay relevant as an employee or job candidate. While in the mist of the job search, she gave me clear, actionable steps to take to be more visible with recruiters. I’ve done maybe 30% of what Tracy recommended, and I’ve already seen results. Talk to Tracy if you want to stay “ahead of the curve” in this rapidly changing business environment.
Radha (Bezwada) Gumidyala
Radha (Bezwada) GumidyalaCorporate Finance & Banking | Financial Planning and Analysis | Strategic Planning | Cross-Functional Teams
I can count on one hand the people I have come across that have the breadth and depth of Michael’s knowledge, experience and cultural awareness. His financial acumen, cutting-edge technology and strategic skills are bar none the best. We are drowning with information and data; However, Michael provides actual insights as to what the data means and what are the REAL trends in the market! His insights are absolutely priceless. He has helped me on countless occasions and over the years has become my ‘go-to’ trusted advisor.
Ramzi Kanso, CPA, CFF, MBA, CIA, CISA, CISM, CISSPVice President & Chief Audit Officer at Panasonic USA
Michael’s deep finance, technology expertise and people first approach has made him indispensable to me during my transition into the Atlanta market. Having navigated many critical topics around personal branding, finance/ accounting industry trends, and networking opportunities- Michael and team are first class executive coaches I am happy to recommend for anybody seeking a strategic mentor/ partner to have in your corner!
Scott SternDirector Product Marketing
Michael is exceptional in his ability to guide executives in this Industry 4.0 business environment. His’s vast knowledge of people, business and the impact emerging technologies (on businesses: Blockchain, Ai, RPA, IoT, 3D Printing, etc.), makes him an expert World-class Coach. Michael has created a level of awareness that significantly strengthens my ability to elevate my career. I enjoy working with him and value our time together.
Matthew O’DonnellVice President
Thank you Tracy Levine for being a sounding board, an advisor, coach, inspiration to me and I know I am only one of many who would be quick to say the same… looking forward to getting you and Michael Levine involved with the organization (SHRM Atlanta) and drive Thought Leadership!
Judy Romano, MBA Transformational Finance Executive | Change Agent | Develop High Performing Teams | Coach & Mentor | Multi Lingual

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