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  • Charting a Career Path
  • Leveraging Technology
  • Act for Impact
  • Relevance Building
  • Intention Driven
  • Transcends Disruption
  • Yields Results

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Our Process



C: Charting a Career Path

Jobs and Career Paths continue to be disrupted and changed by a global and digital economy.  Our Course Embracing the Possibilities: Winning Student Career Planning Strategies is a roadmap for students, parents, teachers, and mentors to explore and discuss the new career possibilities and new jobs that are being created.


L: Leveraging Technology for College and Career Success

The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for High School and College Students Course and The Ultimate Guide to Portfolium for High School and College Students Course teach students best practices for showcasing their portfolios.  Over 200 colleges are already utilizing Portfolium to review high school student's work.  Corporations are using both LinkedIn and Portfolium to review student portfolio's along with soft skills and collaboration.


A: Act for Impact

Every course includes a process for filtering the feedback on best practices to fuel customized action.  Skills needed for work will continually change but the capability to take customized career actions is a lifetime skill.


R: Relevance Building

While excellent grades, portfolios, volunteer work, and other activities are great, building a "Relevant" brand is more than just checking a box.  Our courses teach students how to be "Relevant, Influential, and In-Demand."


I: Intention Driven

Great Careers don't just happen.


T: Transcend Disruption

Students who plan accordingly are living in the "Gold Rush Era." They do not have to buy a factory, railroad, or building to be more successful than their parents.


Y: Yield Results

Students will need to upskill continually.  The decisions students make now are just the first investment of time and money.  Each step needs to yield positive career momentum.

It's an exciting time in life. Embrace The possibilities!

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