We'll coach you on how to create an 'Ahead of the Curve' competitive advantage!

The 'Ahead of the Curve' guide to future-proof your career

Better Communicate Your Professional Brand

Imagine a resume and a LinkedIn profile that is a magnet for opportunities. You will showcase that you are Top Talent. You are a candidate that has the skills to succeed in the new high-paid hybrid jobs and superjobs. Professionals that use our tools multiply opportunities.

1 on 1 Coaching

Immersive 1-on-1 coaching phone call designed to set goals and a path for your career. Ideal for professionals who want to take their career to the next level or have specific career issues and goals they want to address.

Active Listening and Data Analysis

Imagine being able to predict what action you can take in the short and long term to future-proof your career. You would know what hard skills were needed in the future. You would know what soft skills were the new 'must have' Executive soft skills to lead in 2020 and beyond. Clients who work with us are able to take customized actions based on data we provide. We use technology to monitor and keep up with current and future hiring trends.

Leadership Coaching

Imagine being able to be the Leader that is the obvious choice. You will have the Leadership skills that are important in 2020 and beyond. You have the EQ to lead in a Global, Digital, and Transformative work environment. Professionals that work with us are prepared to be exceptional leaders.

Ahead of the Curve Career Coaching Package Includes:

  • Access to proprietary tools for Optimizing your LinkedIn Portfolio
  • Access to proprietary tools for writing the new resume
  • Access to proprietary tools for Optimizing the CRM system notes for HR, Recruiters and hiring managers
  • Access to proprietary tools for competitive analysis of you vs. your competition
  • Access to the Career Future-proof checklist
  • Up to 30 minutes of personalized Coaching calls

First month: $49

The Way You Need to Communicate Your Professional Brand has changed.

The paths to an interview and a job offer have been disrupted.  Candidates need to take a multi-prong approach.  There is no longer one path for multiplying opportunities and increasing revenue.

Career Coaching in a Disrupted Job Market

Professionals need customized answers to traditional questions in context of a different type of workplace, job search environment, and a new type of relationship between employers and employees.   They also have new questions around creating a sustainable career in a disrupted market.  A career coach chatbot with answers based on a work environment that no longer exists is not a substitute for an experienced career coach. 


Future-proofing your career is more important than you may believe.