The War On Talent

72% of recruiting leaders worldwide agreed that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring.

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Have you looked at your employees' LinkedIn Profiles lately?

The Employer Living Logo™ cannot be outsourced to a Social Media Department nor to the Marketing Department.

We analyze the state of your Living Logo™.

Your Employees Own Your Recruitment Brand

Every company has a Living Logo™.  We use data centered technology to analyze your Living Logo™ to determine whether your employee LinkedIn Profiles reveal Brand Ambassadors, Brand Neutrals, or Brand Detractors.

Employee living logos equals the brand logo
Are your employees Brand Ambassadors or Brand Detractors

Is your employee brand a magnet for Top Talent?

We evaluate whether the LinkedIn profiles, posts, pictures, likes, and shares of your Executive Leaders and other Employees are creating a brand risk for your recruiting and retention.

Protect Your Brand

The single most valuable asset for attracting and retaining Top Talent and Next-Gen Leaders is your company’s Employee Living Logo™.