“We put you in front of people who can say ‘YES!’ to working for you, and can say ‘YES!’ to buying your products and services.”

We Create Authentic Employee Brand Ambassadors

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Future employees are reviewing Executive and Team Member LinkedIn profiles to determine whether to apply to jobs, to accept interviews, or to accept offers.  A company’s Living Logo™ determines a company’s competitiveness in the talent market.

Candidates can see if you have authoritative and self-absorbed leaders.  They can tell if you don’t have diversity and inclusion.  They can tell if there is a retention issue in a division or company-wide.  Most importantly, they can tell if the company is one where all stakeholders win, the employee and the employer.

We create Rock-Solid Employer Brands that withstand scrutiny.

Build Trust With Top Talent

Building trust with Top Talent is all about your willingness to treat them as an informed consumer.   Today’s candidates are well informed.  Marketing to today’s well-informed Top Talent candidates requires a recruiting plan that acknowledges their access to information about your work environment and your employees.

Trust is built on two primary pillars … Truth and Alignment.   Your Corporate Living Logos need to align with the promises made on your website career pages.

Build Trust With Employees

Your employees have a strong need for others to recognize and reinforce their self-image. Companies that partner with employees to showcase employees’ professional brands build trust by creating a sense of stability and control over their careers.

Employees take comfort in knowing the company is dedicated to achieving a healthy balance of both corporate and team member goals.  

Build Trust With Clients and Customers

Building trust with clients and customers is key to making sales.  Clients and Customers want to know that your employees are the just-in-time solution, the right solution, and the verified solution.

We are in a digital economy where your clients and customers are informed buyers.  Employee LinkedIn Profiles need to be aligned with the quality and value you advertise in your brand marketing and present in your sales material.

We create Rock-Solid Employee Brands that withstand scrutiny.

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Our Process

Brand Control is A.R.T.™

We have studied, researched employee brand impact and developed the Brand Control is A.R.T.™ Training.  By sharing with your employees a seemingly simple but powerful proven process to give them an indestructible brand, they will learn to be perceived as Relevant, Influential and In-Demand, whether reviewed by Technology or another Professional.  Employees build a great reputation and employees become the ultimate competitive advantage.

Our Program is a win for both the employer and the employee and builds trust of each.

Advantage Talent Inc. has created and introduced Open Badge Global Digital Citizenship Classes that are blockchained and verifiable in 40 countries.

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Professional Branding is different than Personal Branding

Personal Branding is about fame, and leads to shouting in the feed and executing on a ‘Red Ocean’ strategy.  Professional Branding is about executing on a ‘Blue Ocean’ strategy.

The Brand Control is A.R.T.™ online program will teach Professional Digital Citizenship skills for using LinkedIn to create a Professional Brand that turns Employee Profiles into Brand Ambassador Profiles.

When employers see Brand Control is A.R.T.™ badges on a professional’s LinkedIn Profile, they know the professional understands digital citizenship.  Professionals who understand digital citizenship basics are less likely to be a brand risk to themselves or their employees.

Brand Control Is A.R.T.™ Class Bundle

Chose A Plan

Building a Professional Online Presence

The Professional will understand that LinkedIn is a Professional Online Network.

The Professional will understand that just as you have Professional Goals for participating in Traditional networking, you should have Professional Goals for participating in Online Professional Networking.

The Professional will understand that just like Traditional networking, you have to create a trustworthy and verifiable brand through your LinkedIn Profile.


Digital Networking

  • The Professional understands that LinkedIn is the equivalent of an online Business Networking Event.
  • The Professional understands that the network is only successful if everyone is using it ethically and only represents themselves in a truthful light.
  • The Professional understands that it is their “Responsibility” to cultivate and manage their digital identity and reputation and be aware of the permanence of their actions and the effect it can have on their Professional Brand.
  • The Professional understands the importance of being “Respectful” to their network, by giving more than they take and by adding high-level value content by sharing Professional Brand Expertise.
  • The Professional understands that they must respect the “Rights” of their Employer’s and the IP of Other Professionals.


Creating Add Value Content

  • The Professional starts with the right Question before beginning their research.
  • The Professional chooses a method of organizing their research.
  • The Professional uses Digital Tools to target their research.
  • The Professional sets a time limit on their research.
  • The Professional evaluates their sources.


Presenting The Right Content

  • The Professional understands that LinkedIn is different than other Social Media Networks.
  • The Professional understands how LinkedIn is different than other Social Media Networks.
  • The Professional knows how to choose the appropriate platforms and tools for meeting desired objectives for their digital content.
  • The Professional understands that the best way to be a great Digital Presenter on LinkedIn is to create content that appeals to the needs and emotions of Professionals.
  • The Professional is able to determine whether the LinkedIn audience will engage with their content.
  • The Professional is able to align content sharing strategy with the needs of their specific target audience.